Download the infographic to start preparing for the post-COVID era.

  • The impact of diversity, inclusion, and COVID on the economy
  • The new organizational realities CHROs and their teams face
  • The leadership skills CHROs say they need to support their teams
  • The current outlook on the workplace and worker of the future

Discover How Chief HR Officers of the World’s Largest Companies Are Preparing for the Post-COVID Era

Invaluable Lessons

“HR leaders must insist that their organizations establish values and decision rules that will allow today's lessons to be sustained.”

Leading Experts

Dr. John Boudreau A leading visionary on the future of work and organization that has conducted breakthrough research on the bridge between work, superior human capital, leadership, and sustainable competitive advantage.

Research Initiatives

The Back2Better Research Initiative shares new insights on: Business Strategy & Organization, Business Leadership, Work & Workplace of the Future, Worker of the Future


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