Advance Your People Analytics Framework

Advance Your People Analytics Framework – with Microsoft’s Dawn Klinghoffer
Thursday, February 9th, 2017. 12:00 – 1:00 PM Eastern.

Advanced people analytics and research increasingly support data-driven decision-making in the world’s best companies. But understanding how to collect meaningful information, drill down into critical data, and summarize findings to support next talent decisions can be a challenge. How are organizations actually tackling the field and how are they approaching the overall topic? How are companies like Microsoft integrating talent strategy, management and analytics into a more holistic framework? Join us as we discuss these questions with Dawn Klinkhoffer, General Manager of HR Business Insights at Microsoft.

Dawn Klinghoffer is the General Manager of HR Business Insights at Microsoft in Redmond, Washington. Her responsibilities include advanced people analytics & research for Microsoft’s business units globally, analytics support for HR programs such as Global Talent Acquisition, Global Diversity & Inclusion, Global HR Operations, reporting tools and technology for HR, and HR data privacy. Dawn started her career with Microsoft over 18 years ago in Corporate Accounting, but has spent the last 13 years in the People Analytics space, as the team has grown in scope and scale. Before Microsoft, Dawn worked as an Actuary with leading insurers. Dawn graduated with a BA in Mathematics from Bucknell University.


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