Sustainable Capital and Total Rewards for 2020

March 11, 2020 • Virtual Session

The interests of investors, consumers and employees are converging as these groups demand alignment between company purpose, business, risk and talent strategies to create value, mitigate risk and sustain differentiated growth, as well as drive innovation, financial performance and economic outcomes. Regardless of a company’s position on the purpose and profits debate, human capital issues are an essential component of their discussions on how to drive shareholder value. Why? There are well-documented advantages to shareholders of having healthy, engaged, hard-working, and productive leaders and employees. The result is good for performance and leads to superior financial returns. As such, boards and management teams increasingly are reviewing steps to ensure their organization engages in practices that lead to effective and sustainable human capital outcomes.

Total rewards have become an important focal point in this discussion given the cost of these programs, as well as their impact on performance and risk. To ensure more sustainable total rewards, organizations are creating programs and practices that meet employees’ evolving needs relative to the work they do and the value they derive from it. The resulting total rewards portfolios are considered high impact and inclusive. 2020 is emerging as a watershed year in the evolution of Total Rewards, as the focus on such factors as they extend to all elements of total rewards, including pay, as well as benefits, careers and well-being. The speakers will share a summary of these trends, as well as the characteristics of high-impact, inclusive total rewards have emerged globally.

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Facilitated by Amy DeVylder Levanat and John M. Bremen at Willis Towers Watson

Amy DeVylder is a Director in Willis Towers Watson’s Human Capital & Benefits (HCB) segment, and co-founded Willis Towers Watson’s CHRO Thinking Ahead Group – a forum for innovative, disruptive, and early-adopter CHROs to share findings, conduct research, and prioritize and collaborate on topics that are driving their global human capital business agenda. She has spent a good portion of her career working with complex global organizations to connect their purpose with their customer experience as well as the experience of their talent through culture and human capital programs.

John Bremen helps companies see the future and get there. He is a recognized global business leader, C-suite and board consultant, and thought leader on the future of human capital, purpose-driven organizations, sustainable human capital, the employee experience, and the modernization of human resources and Total Rewards programs. He serves as Managing Director, Human Capital & Benefits, and Global Head of Thought Leadership and Innovation. He is a member of the Willis Towers Watson Global Human Capital & Benefits Leadership Team, and responsible globally for the development and application of intellectual capital, research, and integrated solutions, as well as innovation.

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