The Human in the Machine:
Artificial Intelligence in Human Resources

As artificial intelligence technologies sweep through the business world, Human Resources departments will have to answer the following three questions:

  1. How to align the HR strategy with the Cognitive Strategy of companies
  2. How to handle the extreme scarcity of AI resources
  3. How to use and deploy AI in HR departments

The three questions have interdependencies and require understanding and planning for the coevolution of humans and machines as a combined “workforce.” Professor Al Naqvi of American Institute of Artificial Intelligence will address the three questions and help senior HR executives see the powerful transformation HR needs for success. Key takeaways:

  • Learn how AI is transforming the competitive dynamics of business
  • Understand the strategic role of HR in the cognitive transformation
  • Learn how to prepare HR departments for what lies ahead
  • Develop an intuitive sense of the change and the required leadership
  • Synthesize the wide and dispersed knowledge into practical, usable and applied HR strategy models

Professor Al (A.I.) Naqvi is a leading expert in transforming companies from the “e” to the “ai” era. He specializes in total and integrated business transformation by using artificial intelligence. Professor Naqvi developed the first and most comprehensive body of knowledge for AI in Corporate Strategy, AI in Finance, AI in Marketing, AI in HR, and AI in Supply Chain Management. His work has been recognized by world-leading professional societies, universities, and companies. Over 300 companies have benefited from Naqvi’s research. He is widely published in both academic and practitioner publications.


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