Return to the Office: Why People Analytics Matters More Than Ever

July 2, 2020

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Human Capital Analytics

The inaugural launch of Executive Networks’ new Action Groups for Teams (AGT) was held June 16th, 2020. The first AGT Masterclass series focuses on Human Capital Analytics (HCA) and is led by Executive Networks Academic in Residence and Thought Leader, Dr. Anna Tavis.

The pandemic has created an opportunity for us to reinvent ourselves as we maneuver ways to get on top of the situation. Attendees were asked to describe how they feel about this historic moment. Many feel uncertain and anxious about current developments in the world, but also hopeful and excited (see the word cloud).

Return to the Office: Why People Analytics Matters More Than Ever Dr. Anna Tavis, Academic Director, Clinical Associate Professor, Human Capital Management, NYU, SPS

This health crisis has thrust HR into the center of managing its implications on the workforce and the workplace. Dr. Anna Tavis explained that a lot of the work being done involves looking at current tools in our organizations and the language used for communication to assure that public health is properly addressed. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated trends that have already been taking place in the business, such as digitization, remote working, and the use of data to support solutions. In this uncertain environment, there is great power in communicating with the use of data and with transparency.

The impact of the pandemic on businesses has brought unanswered questions. Providing leadership around the decision-making process, especially around remote working and performance assessment, is very important. Dr. Anna Tavis reiterated the impact that the pandemic and racial injustices will have on morale, culture, innovation, gender disparities, racial disparities and segments in organizations. HCA is not just about being skilled in analytics, but also being skilled in translating and acting on information discovered to make a real difference.

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