Back2Better: Thriving During Disruption with Terence Mauri

September 25, 2020

An Exclusive Collection of Resources for Navigating the Future of Organizations, Work and HR Post-COVID

Thriving During Disruption

The history of humanity is the history of disruption. Terence Mauri,  Founder of Hack Future Lab and author of several books including The 3D Leader: Take Your Leadership to the Next Dimension says that today is the slowest that our lives will ever be.  Today’s CEO’s are faced with overwhelming, competing challenges and are experiencing unprecedented business and workforce disruption. Mauri suggests that these questions can turn disruption into an opportunity:

  1. How do you launch an agile and resilient future?
  2. How do you turn adversity into advantage?
  3. How do you win the race to reskill?
  4. How do you scale trust alongside growth and profitability?
  5. Which old mindsets, assumptions and operating models must you un-learn?

It’s no longer about Return on Investment. It’s about Return on Intelligence (ROI). We must move from Doing Digital to a state of Being Digital. Individuals and organizations must be in a continual state of beta—continually reinventing themselves.  Companies like GE who kept a legacy mindset, business model and culture are now languishing.

Scale Your Purpose

Uncertainty is currently on steroids. The speed of technology adoption and scaling of AI in business will redefine the nature of work and the company-customer relationship. The rise of China will challenge established global institutions and rules. Climate change and other external forces will bring the social contributions of organizations under further scrutiny. Mauri says companies should:

  1. Embrace exponential technologies that can scale what makes us more human
  2. Fund future bets—what are your moonshots?
  3. Scale with partners by moving from industry to ecosystems

Back2Better: Focusing on purpose and not technology or strategy helps organizations make the right decisions instead of focusing on the flavor of the day. In order to rise up, organizations must take the time to understand and walk their “Why.”

Scale Trust

The world is experiencing record levels of distrust. But, inside your organization, you must develop a culture of trust and high levels of psychological safety—safety to speak up, safety to fail, and trust in the organization’s promises.  Trust must become one of your organization’s core assets. How are you aligning your words into actions and intentions to promises? Do you engender competent reliability?

Back2Better: As leaders and governments continue to falter, people will turn to organizations for direction. Trust must be baked into your organizational DNA and must become as important as culture in defining what you do and how you achieve it.

Choose Courage

Instead of fearing disruption, organizations who will succeed will think like a challenger and choose courage. To be courageous, organizations should focus on:

  • New Growth: How successful has the organization been at generating new growth either through creating new products, services and markets or through new business models?
  • Core: How effectively has the organization repositioned its traditional core by adapting to changes or disruption in the marketplace?
  • Financials: Has the organization posted strong financial and stock market performance or has it turned around its business from losses or slow growth to get back on a growth track?

Back2Better: Now is the time to take the courageous leap and not to lean on “what we’ve always done.” The future will favor businesses who try and fail but try again.  Stagnation and business as usual will be the death of many once highly-successful businesses in the near future.


The way to thrive in the current environment of disruption is realize that there is nothing to fear.  There are only things to be understood.  Organizations must adopt technologies that serve the business “why” while learning how to integrate machine work and human work, embrace new ways of working, commit to continual transformation, make diversity a business requirement, and combine business and social values in order to succeed in this time of unprecedented disruption.

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Back2Better: Thriving During Disruption with Terence Mauri

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