Closed Schools and Salary Continuation Benchmark

March 17, 2020

Closed Schools and Salary Continuation Benchmark

The mass closures of schools and public institutions throughout Europe and the U.S. marks a new and urgent stage in the coronavirus pandemic. By request of a member we sent this brief survey on 14 March, with the intention of helping members stay in front of these latest developments. Replies collected between March 14-17.

Companies who participated include:

• American Express
• Anglo American
• Baker Hughes
• BNY Mellon
• BP
• Cargill
• Dow
• Enbridge
• Henkel
• Legal and General
• Lendlease
• Mars
• Novartis
• nVent
• Roche
• SC Johnson

To download the results  please click the link below but don’t forget to come back and fill out our form!


If your team is dealing with similar issues or have questions you’d like answered please fill out the form below!

Closed Schools and Salary Continuation Benchmark Blog

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