Future of Organizations, Leadership, Work, Workplace and Workers post COVID

November 24, 2020

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Future of Organizations, Leadership, Work, Workplace and Workers Post COVID

Our 2020 Autumn Human Resources Roundtable Group Virtual Network Meeting brought global CHROs together for two days to discuss the Future of Organizations, Leadership, Work, Workplace and Workers post COVID.  The two-day meeting featured Sandy Ogg, Founder of CEO.works, member business case presentations from PepsiCo and Legal and General, and current member challenges.  The meeting was facilitated by Executive Director Hein Knaapen.

Thought Leader: Connecting Talent to Value Sandy Ogg, Founder, CEO.works

Chances are somewhat slim that you know exactly which roles in the organization are absolutely critical to realizing the company’s value agenda, who fills those roles, and how well they are doing because historically, we have treated roles, contributions, and capacity as separate activities. Roles get reviewed under the banner of organizational design; individual contributions and engagement get assessed as part of performance management; and capacity usually gets looked at in terms of the company’s talent pipeline.

Sandy Ogg says that once the value agenda is set by the CEO, it is time to identify critical roles that have the most potential to deliver the vision. These roles may not sit in the hierarchy.  For example, a procurement manager making $60,000 may be responsible for more assets than an executive making a six-figure salary.

Once these roles are flagged, we must monitor the role occupants for contributions to value, level of engagement, and capacity—the role-talent combination.  We must assess the risk in each role-talent combination and ensure that the combinations create lower risk in places of higher return.

Once value has been identified, roles have been determined, the right talent placed in those roles, and risks have been factored, periodic adjustments must be made to generate and maintain an upward trajectory by coaching people to deliver in a particular role. You can intervene at the points of risk in the organization and assess if the risk is in the role, the talent, or both. Role interventions may require updating the role’s decision rights or changing tasks. Talent interventions might include improving communication skills to arranging for job assignments to gain relevant experience.

Discussion Takeaways Hein Knaapen, Executive Director, Executive Networks

The pandemic, social crisis, and political unrest have created a unique time in world history.  Grasping the opportunity presented to organizations is critical.  There are many important learnings to take forward:

  • Health and safety are now critical to keeping people engaged and productive.
  • Employees want an office quality work experience from home.
  • Our leaders must model wellness. This is a new skillset for many leaders. Front line managers need more training on burnout and wellness.
  • Now is the time to pivot and invest in development. It increases engagement and the sense of wellbeing.
  • The long-term impact of wellbeing on innovation may be critical.
  • We cannot transition back to the old employer/employee relationship. Employees are getting used to more flexibility.  However, organizations must evaluate the level of flexibility they can sustain long-term.
  • The acceptable language in diversity are shifting.
  • We can’t do everything but we can make “signature moves.”
  • Authenticity is critical.

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