HR 4.0

February 25, 2020

HR 4.0

The Future of Work (FoW) has been a hot topic for several years in the C-Suite as well as the HR function. To date, this discussion has lacked a practical set of instructions on what this means, and what needs to change, for the Chief People Officer (CPO) to successfully steer an organization through these dynamic waters.

A recent study conducted by the World Economic Forum and Willis Towers Watson, in collaboration with Unilever and Saudi Aramco, sheds light on the HR function of the future—HR 4.0—and the six critical imperatives that enable the CEO and CPO to transition the organization to be “future-ready.” During this virtual session, Angel Hoover reviewed the six imperatives, the required leadership practices and the emerging roles that will be required to deliver this transition successfully: developing new leadership capabilities for the 4IR, managing the integration of technology in the workplace, enhancing the Employee Experience, building an Agile and
personalized learning culture, establishing metrics for valuing human capital, and embedding Diversity and Inclusion.

Angel provided insights on the following:
• The need for new capabilities in HR
• The importance of the integration of technology
• The criticality of D&I
• The use of human capital analytics to inform decisions
• The emergence of new roles in HR

Some of the questions answered during the session included:
• Can you elaborate more around examples of including “all talent” and not just your employees?
• How does Unilever assess with accuracy which jobs will be going away? And how far in advance do they give employees notice that there is a strong probability that their jobs will be changing/going away?

Some of Angel’s key takeaways:
• Enable talent to find employment opportunities beyond their current company and build a
lifelong and purposeful employee experience—sustainable employability.
• Embed D&I initiatives and steps into culture and process.
• Align skills to work required and pay for the skill domains instead of just paying for the job.

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