HR in the AI Age: How Technology and Science Are Reshaping Talent and People Analytics

June 20, 2019

Executive Networks hosted a Global Human Capital Analytics Network (GHCAN) virtual meeting presented by Dr. Tomas Chamorro-PremuzicChief Talent Scientist, Manpower Group. His presentation examined the new landscape of HR affected by AIChamorro-Premuzic demonstrated how technology and science are re-shaping our ability to identify, attract, and manage talent.  

 The virtual meeting was facilitated by Dr. Anna TavisAcademic in Residence. Dr. Chamorro-Premuzic focused his presentation on the following topics: 

  • The days of traditional Talent Management with its focus on the executive level are over.  Everyone counts. TodayTalent is everyone. 
  • Measurements of Employee Engagement show that dissatisfaction runs high, and about 70% of skilled employees are passive job seekers. 
  • To manage in this new Talent Environment, HR professionals must work with data and interpret them to develop solutions on retaining, engaging, and acquiring top talents.  
  • AI is one of the most powerful HR tools, but it is complicated.   

 Key Takeaways:  

  • AI may appear to be taking away subjectivity from candidate selection etc. However, the (Un)ethics of AI creep inif not controlled, including snooping, feedback, and bias.  
  • HR professionals need the expertise to translate their internal data into insights in order to predict and prescribe business solutions. 
  • As HR turns to technology and data, its business role will continue to grow.  

 Members engaged in the discussion with questions around survival in the age of automation, the ownership of data, legal concerns around AI, and Chamorro-Premuzic’s current work in Manpower. 

The full recording, slides, and answers to the above questions are available to EN members. Contact us to join the conversation. 

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