Implications of New Ways on HR Services and Operations

November 5, 2020

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Implications of New Ways on HR Services and Operations

Our 2020 Autumn GHRSN virtual network meeting brought together 20 global HR services leaders to discuss the processes, tools, and technologies surrounding HR services and operations. Companies included Abbott, AstraZeneca, BHP, BMO, Cargill, Dow, Grundfos, Johnson & Johnson, MetLife, Microsoft, Schlumberger, TE Connectivity, and Xerox.

Stretch Thinking Session: The Future of Talent Management Technology-HCM 3.0 Bob Danna, Executive Chairman, Executive Networks

Coming into 2020, most organizations were thinking very proactively about their strategies for the future and how to implement tools such as AI, robotics, automation, and self-service. However, with the disruption brought upon us this year, much of that thinking has been squashed. Bob Danna asked participants how their organizations have been adapting their strategies during the crisis while maintaining focus on the future.

HCM 3.0 focuses on the talent management technologies to support the worker of the future—especially when it comes to improved productivity and effectiveness of their jobs and in their careers. Some of the emerging HCM technologies include automation of the manager experience, internal talent marketplace, next generation workforce management, consumer HR apps, and virtual assistance in recruiting.

The technology roadmap has to be part of the business strategy, so it becomes an enabler instead of an impediment. Bob recommends that as HR leaders look at their strategy, abstain from being reactive. Stay on track for your strategy and focus equally on the work, the workplace, and the workforce.

HR Technologies: HCM/HRIS Systems and Tools

Before the meeting, members were asked to complete a survey on the topic of HCM/HRIS Systems and Tools.  We discussed the results of the survey and asked members to share their level of satisfaction with the system that they use.

One of the challenges HR Services leaders face is the limitation of “putting all of your eggs in one basket” by relying on just one HCM system for everything.  However, every system has its strengths and weaknesses.  The best way to manage it is to pick a solution, accept its shortcomings, and work with it. If the system does not have the functionality you want in a specific area, look at other point solutions or technologies that complement, instead of compete with your core solution.

Member-Led Discussion Takeaways

Much of the two days was dedicated to member-led conversations, questions, and best practices. Here are some of the takeaways:

  • Technology needs to be the enabler to foster intentional collaboration between the business and HR to support the growth and innovation needed now.
  • Going fully remote was not a strategy, it was a reaction. Be careful not to extrapolate too much from the current environment as it is still changing. Instead, organizations must be agile and absorb and learn from the crisis rather than make definitive decisions.
  • Managing the return to work is still a major challenge for HR services leaders around the globe. A hybrid return to work model will vary greatly at each company, and within different divisions and geographies.
  • HRBPs need to be highly strategic with strong business acumen and be able to partner with the business to help drive success and growth.
  • Working in a one HR system requires a culture change. In order to maximize effectiveness, people need to not only embrace their role, but also have a clear understanding of what their role is not.
  • Employee Experience is becoming less about the technology and more about the meaningful moments that drive engagement, inclusiveness, retention, and satisfaction. How can leaders support and acknowledge those moments in meaningful ways?
  • Having an engaged workforce has a huge impact on many aspects of the business including retention and productivity. But measuring the return on investment is challenging when you are past the implementation of technology and focused on how people feel working at your company.

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