Managing the Relationship between Talent Acquisition and Talent Management

February 26, 2021

Managing the Relationship Between Talent Acquisition and Talent Management

One of the biggest challenges HR leaders face is how to manage the relationship between Talent Acquisition and Talent Management. For a while, the lack of communication and coordination between the two could be blamed on the fact that the technology was not really there yet. But with the development of new tools, the main challenge lies in how to handle the change management within the organization’s culture.

Our January virtual roundtable discussion brought together leaders from our Global Sourcing and Recruiting Network, Global Talent Innovation Network, and Global HR Services Network.

Member-Led Discussion – Key Takeaways

Roundtable participants were split into breakout groups to discuss their biggest challenges and best practices of managing the relationship between TA and TM. Here are some of the takeaways:

  • Creating a new kind of internal talent market that will provide a more open talent economy within the company could help to minimize the gap between TA and TM. However, managers often feel as though they own the talent on their teams and struggle to see how it benefits the organization as a whole.
  • Moving talent around frequently can help foster a culture that does not hoard talent. One company has an organized system in which personal development representatives look at talent twice per year from an enterprise perspective to see where people can be moved.
  • One company designed a program for mid-managers in which high potential candidates are connected directly to one recruiter to find open roles that match their skills and experiences. Since the implementation of the program, they have seen higher mobility grades with those candidates than before.
  • Tools such as HiredScore and Eightfold can be applied to your internal database and work to match candidates to open roles.
  • Putting together agile teams to work across all functional areas could potentially serve as a way to mitigate these challenges while providing teams with a certain level of empowerment and ownership of their decisions.

Thank You

Thank you to all who participated for your energy and enthusiasm! We look forward to continuing the conversation!

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Managing the Relationship between Talent Acquisition and Talent Management Blog Recap

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