Pressing Issues in 2021 in HR Services

March 8, 2021

Pressing Issues in 2021 in HR Services

Our March Global HR Services Network Virtual Roundtable brought together HR Services and Operations Leaders to discuss their pressing issues. Topics included artificial intelligence, service center/HR models, the role of HR Business Partners, and operations in the new COVID backdrop.

Member-Led Discussion – Key Takeaways

Global HR Services Network members took the time to connect with their peers and discuss the big questions on their minds right now. Here are some of the takeaways from the discussion:

  • Most Global HR Services Network Members are still in the very early stages of piloting, testing, and learning how they can use AI to support their HR infrastructures.
  • HR leaders are looking into ways to leverage AI for simple tasks, such as booking time off. However, they are cautious around implementing automation technologies in areas where employee issues are personal and speaking to a real person is highly valued.
  • When it comes to HR optimization efforts, creating a conduit between the COE and business partners is necessary to make sure that the enterprise lens is consistent across the business, and both regional and divisional perspectives are heard.
  • After going through an HR Transformation, one member emphasized the importance of taking the time to define the roles very specifically to avoid overlap.
  • As traditional HRBP roles shift, HR leaders have found that many often struggle to let go of the more transactional activities to focus on the business. Leaders must ensure HRPBs develop analytical capabilities and embrace the new world of tech.
  • While HR leaders grapple with return to office and flexible work policies, the even bigger challenge will be managing a hybrid workforce. “Smart Offices” that support engagement of both at-home and in-office employees simultaneously could become a future competitive advantage for some organizations.
  • Although it is important to try to plan for the future, HR leaders need to avoid making peacetime decisions during wartime. We must remember that we are not out of the pandemic just yet, and things may still change drastically in the months to come.

Thank You

Thank you to all who participated for your energy and enthusiasm! We look forward to continuing the conversation!

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Pressing Issues in 2021 in HR Services

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