Resilience in Disruptive Times with Nick Petrie

June 18, 2020

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Resilience in Disruptive Times

Thank you to the members from BASF, ENI, BP, KION, SunLife, Ericsson, Bacardi, Dell, IBM, MSKCC, PSA Groupe, International Paper, and Baker Hughes who participated in this Virtual Roundtable Discussion on creating resilience during disruptive times, with thought leader Nick Petrie.

During the COVID-19 epidemic, people are dealing with massive uncertainty and are making decisions and having discussions virtually. Some are facing:

  • Physical Changes
  • Disruption of Normal Routines
  • Virtual Meeting Explosion
  • Uncertainty About the Future

According to Nick, social connectivity and emotional expression can be effective buffers.

Decreasing Stress During Uncertainty

The same situation can incite different responses from people—some feel stressed while others are energized by a crisis. The pandemic has created a high level of uncertainty since the situation is out of people’s control. The difference between pressure and stress explains why the same situation can elicit a different response. Pressure is an external demand in your environment. During the pandemic, everyone has pressure, but not all are stressed. Pressure turns into stress when someone ruminates and causes negative emotions about the situation.

When we catch ourselves ruminating and not being present, we need to tell ourselves to wake up and reconnect with reality by coming to our senses (identify what you can see, hear, feel, etc.). To stop ruminating:

  • Re-focus on what you can control
  • Make commitments to show how you can support yourself and others
  • Do not blow things out of proportion

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Resilience in Disruptive Times with Nick Petrie

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