Sustainable Inclusion = Maximized Business Success

July 30, 2020

EN Sparks Conversation: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Virtual Series 

Sustainable Inclusion = Maximized Business Success

Thank you to the members from Bureau Veritas, Swiss Re, Ingredion, Mars, Baker Hughes, MSKCC, Dematic, Ericsson, Pentair, BP, IBM, Colfax, Dow, BNP Paribas, nVent, Legal & General, Wolters Kluwer, LexisNexis Risk Solutions, Cofra, and MetLife who participated in our EN Sparks Conversation: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion session on Sustainable Inclusion = Maximized Business Success led by Eric Ellis, President and CEO of Integrity Development.

During this session, Eric gave an overview of Diversity and Inclusion by investigating the “what” and “whys” of sustainable inclusion. He also explored aspects of the business case for Inclusion and Diversity and reviewed a model he developed as a guideline to achieving sustainable inclusion. Eric explained why embracing disruptive curiosity is imperative for creating sustainable inclusion and maximized business success.

Sustainable Inclusion

Sustainable inclusion is centered around developing Inclusion and Diversity initiatives that are resilient and will not eb and flow based on who the leader of the organization is. It is a constant state of becoming inclusive and creating integration between inclusion, equity, diversity, access, and social justice.

Eric led a poll asking attendees to identify what words come to their mind as they reflect on the protests and social unrest we have experienced recently following the death of George Floyd. The majority expressed sentiments of anger, sadness, frustration, division, and pain.

Destigmatizing Implicit Bias

Eric said it is imperative for organizations to prioritize destigmatizing bias. We need to identify the bias that exists within us, own it, and work on reducing it. This will make it safer for all of us to become more transparent around our humanity and create change.

Some of the ways that implicit bias impacts organizations include:

  • Harming company reputation
  • Leading to increased turnover

Inclusive organizational processes maximize effectiveness in core business areas. As you focus on becoming more inclusive, you are able to get better talent, increase engagement, and improve your culture. More inclusive organizations will allow for the better understanding of the needs of their customers and gain more innovation towards their products and services.

Two of the four strategic pillars of inclusion that Eric demonstrated include:

  • Develop the internal structure
  • Strengthen the external structure

In conclusion, Eric answered questions from members such as why Diversity, Equity & Inclusion is such a complicated issue and why has it has taken so long for organizations to make progress in this area. He also shared examples of companies who have moved the needle around Inclusion and Diversity initiatives.

Thank You

The recording with embedded slides is available to Executive Networks members.

Our next session will be Part 2 of Akasha and Carolyn’s EN Sparks Conversation; Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion virtual series on August 4th at 10:00am ET around Sustainable DEI Practices for Leaders.

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Sustainable Inclusion = Maximized Business Success

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