Digital Transformation of HR and the Workplace of the Future

December 4-5, 2019 • New York City

NextgEN participants will discuss what the future of HR looks like and the skills needed for success. This program leverages learning sessions and discussions, a CHRO panel, and an innovation workshop to help prepare participants to be future HR leaders.

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Facilitated by Dr. Anna Tavis PhD

Digital HR is taking center stage in the business transformation of the workplace of the future. As organizations discover new technologies, platforms, and ways of working, HR is acquiring new skills, assuming new roles and positioning itself as consultants, coaches and facilitators of the larger organizational transformation.

NextgEN is Executive Networks’ HR leadership development program for rising leaders in HR organizations in the Global 1000. It provides these rising HR leaders with an interactive learning experience on critical relevant topics and a chance to interact and engage with true peers from other Global 1000 firms.

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