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How are your networks different from other organizations?

Executive Networks has convened communities of practice for more than 25 years; in fact, our company’s founder was an early pioneer in the field of strategic executive development and continues to lead the field as an innovator. This combination of experience and expertise is a successful formula for innovating new solutions that aid executive learning and knowledge sharing on the job. What’s more, our network executive directors are former seasoned executives with extensive domain area expertise. They excel at designing and facilitating network meetings that explore real business issues while fostering close working relationships and deep trust among peers. Additionally, EnSight, our social media collaboration platform deliver real time business intelligence by providing always-on access to best practices and insights into critical business challenges with your peers. Get what you need, when you need it.

How are your networks different from each other?

Our networks are differentiated by topic and practice area, but the benefits and structure of all are essentially the same across networks.

Are consulting firms or vendors allowed to become members of Executive Networks?

All of our networks are for organization practitioners. While a few consulting firms are represented as network members (e.g., Accenture), the member from this firm is not an external consultant, they’re internally focused practitioners.

I carry a number of responsibilities and could be in several networks, which one would be the best one for me?

If you qualify for several networks, we suggest you participate in the network that will bring you the most value. You can also join more than one network; in fact, we provide a large discount for members who belong to multiple networks. We can explore all network options with you over the phone, to help you decide which is most appropriate.

Can I change networks if my area of focus changes?

Yes. Members sometimes change jobs and/or areas of focus during the course of membership in a given network. When that happens, we allow members to switch to a more appropriate network if they qualify, in order to have access to the community of peers that will best serve them in their new role or area of responsibility.

Is network membership transferable within my company?

Yes, if you leave the organization or transfer to a new role, you can transfer your membership to your successor.

If I leave the company, can I take the membership with me?

No, network membership belongs to the organization and not to the individual.

Do you provide a corporate membership program?

Yes. Our Corporate Membership Program allows four or more senior executives from leading, large companies access and exposure to our global peer networking community. Call us for more details.

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