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About the Network

The Global Sourcing & Recruiting Network (GSRN) connects enterprise heads and senior executives in sourcing, recruiting, and talent acquisition from the world’s largest corporations.

The GSRN Network is designed to help members take sourcing, recruiting, and talent acquisition to the next level by providing access to the best practices, new ideas, practical materials, and dynamic shifts for the future of work.

The GSRN is evolving workplace and talent marketplace, at a time when more and more companies look to sourcing and recruiting for competitive advantage. Members of the network will join a select group—approximately 40 of the world’s top sourcing and recruiting corporate leadership professionals.

Network Focus


Transition from outdated 20th Century sourcing and recruiting process and methodologies


Maximize return on investment associated with candidate value (i.e., quality, effectiveness, and retention)


Analyze megatrends that impact the future of work


Use social media and mobile effectively to attract talent


Attract and retain STEM talent


Increase diversity and inclusion


Dissolve the conundrum of reducing cost per hire while raising value of hire


Develop new recruiting and talent mobility strategies for emerging markets as more employers expand into developing nations


Match sourcing and recruiting process and methodology to changing demographics (e.g., baby boomer retirement, average length of employment, rise in contingent labor, increased workforce specialization, etc.) and new employee career management attitude, expectations, and behavior


Align sourcing and recruiting process performance metrics and analytics to make objective hiring decisions, and communicate quantified impact to objectives


Understand and develop technology systems and integrations to take advantage of the linkage between role specific business objectives, organizational/team makeup and the value of the sourcing and recruiting process and methodologies leveraged to fill the gaps

Member Benefits

Network with true peers in a safe, confidential environment. Executive Networks' semi annual network meetings feature member-driven agendas and opportunities to learn and share.

Build a powerful external network with the help of our Network Directors, who can help you define your needs and identify the most valuable contacts and where you can serve as an expert resource to others. Access the network anytime, anywhere via our ENgage mobile app.

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We capture and distill the collective intelligence and insights of our members. We distribute them  based on your interests and make them available to all members through a central library.

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