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The Innovation Radar Network – Human Capital Analytics (“IRN-HCA”) is a ground-breaking “nextelligence” initiative from Executive Networks designed to explore, define and pilot test provocative new approaches to understanding and shaping the future in today’s fast-changing, complex global environment. Rapid and accelerating change is having and will have a profound impact on the world of work and therefore on the future of the HR profession, including the analytics and technological foundations supporting the people enterprise. There is very real danger that HR will not be ready to meet these new demands because the rate of change in the world of work is moving faster than the function’s ability to keep pace.

IRN-HCA provides you with the insights, alternatives, frameworks and support you need to make the Human Capital Analytics transformation a success in your organization. IRN-HCA is an action-oriented design, deployment and experimentation consortium focused on the effective implementation and optimization of human capital analytics in your company — piloting, refining, learning from, and more broadly deploying the tools and frameworks present best-in-class and innovative HCA functions and teams.

Questions to be addressed by IRN-HCA include:

Network Focus


How to best structure such a capability?


Where should it sit within an organization?


What type of people are required to build this capability?


What level of resources should be budgeted against what objectives?


What existing data and technology infrastructure is in place to support the development of robust analytics?


What emerging technologies and processes are changing the analytics landscape?


What level of change management is required to support “fact-based” behavioral change among leaders?

Academic Advisor

Central to the IRN-HCA is the direct involvement and thought leadership of Professor John Boudreau of the University of Southern California. Dr. Boudreau is a leading authority on Human Capital Analytics and His recent books include: Lead the Work: Navigating the World Beyond Employment, 2015; Beyond HR: The New Science of Human Capital, 2007; Investing in People, 2008; Achieving Strategic Excellence in Human Resource Management, 2009; and “Retooling HR”, 2010.

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