Leadership Development Is Great, but Does Your C-Suite Buy into It?

Leadership Development Is Great, but Does Your C-Suite Buy into It?
Tuesday, March 7th, 2017. 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM Eastern.

Most companies are quick to say they believe in and support leadership development in their organization. Yet, just as often, most of us in the L&D field have had the personal experience of seeing the cutting of budgets for leadership development in lean times and/or difficulty in getting senior leadership participation in ongoing leadership development initiatives and programs. Join us for a webinar with Ed Garrison, Director of Leadership Development at International Paper, a leading global producer of packaging, paper and pulp products, to learn about some recent successes Ed has been a part of in getting the ultimate in C-Suite involvement.

Ed Garrison is Director, Leadership Development at International Paper. Ed provides strategic guidance and direction of the leadership development process for the corporation. As a function necessary for effective business operation, the quality of leadership is viewed as a key lever for change in the company. Ed helps to define key leadership behaviors, traits, and characteristics and incorporates them into all offerings from the company’s internal Leadership Institute. Additionally, Ed works with business groups on specific leadership initiatives tailored to their strategic needs. Ed has been with International Paper since 1994.

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