The Asian Paradox Recap

November 20, 2019 • Virtual Roundtable

Asia is a continent of paradox—it includes some of the largest economies in the world and some of the greatest challenges in terms of development. In this session, we looked at the talent opportunities Asia offers, the challenges of managing across a diverse set of cultures and the impact this will all have on the future of talent worldwide. As someone who has spent more than half his career in Asia, Tarun Wadhwani shared his perspectives and the impact on organizations of the opportunity and challenge that is Asia.

In depth, he covered the following topics:

  • • Macro trends
  • • Emerging Market opportunities
  • • Spotlight on China
  • • The impact on your business
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    Facilitated by Tarun Wadhwani, Founder and CEO at Tat Consulting

    Tarun provided insights on the following:

    • Being cognizant of the cultural context of different Asian countries when operating there
    • Understanding the regional dynamics in Asia when creating talent strategies
    • Considering the availability of talent and skills when thinking of where to invest
    • Adapting models to meet the market demands in Asia—versus a plug-and-play approach
    • The importance of a mobile-first approach when conducting business in Asia
    • Understanding that many Asian countries have compensation-driven economies and aging societies that require reskilling
    • Managing teams differently in local markets—not a one-size-fits-all approach
    • Utilizing the diversity, culture, and years of history in Asia when conducting business

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