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Lessons Learned In Building Integrated Workforce Reporting and Analytics

We all know that Workforce Analytics increases the impact of HR; see, for example, this Economist article: Workforce Analytics: What Employee Data Can Tell Us Now. Despite all the attention, no company yet found the holy grail on how to realize the full potential in HR. Many companies start without a solid game plan and lose momentum quickly because the promised return on investment (ROI) stays out. Introducing Workforce Analytics the right way is about balancing and timing: capability building, cleaning data, getting the right solution, focusing on short term value and embedding it in the workflow to get long term impact.
Crunchr helped many companies to embrace Workforce Analytics, and Dirk Jonker, Crunchr’s CEO and Founder, shares his lessons learned. Whether you just started, already developed your own dashboard in PowerBI or have an Analytics team in place, this Virtual Roundtable Discussion is designed to give all participants value.

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