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Let’s face it. We are simply not flourishing.

Employees can’t possibly bring their best selves to work if they are struggling. Companies need support in identifying the root cause of engagement concerns and they must have tools to address it.

In partnership with Flourishing Metrics, LLC  which is inclusive of the Human Flourishing Program from Harvard University, we are excited to launch a new peer-to-peer network focused on helping organizations to flourish.

Our Global Flourishing Network includes:

  • Flourishing Assessment + Executive Level Briefing prepared exclusively for your organization. Sample 400 of your employees to answer the Flourishing Assessment and get early predictors of engagement with this assessment
  • One seat for your C-level Wellbeing leader to share in peer-to-peer discussions and solutions
  • One Year YOU APP license including micro-coaching from TaskHuman for every respondent

  • Let’s get you started, let’s flourish together!

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    The Flourishing Research Collective is founded on these principles

    1. Work is changing. We believe that the rapidly changing dynamics of the workplace, especially within the context of COVID-19, has exposed the need for companies to support employee well-being in new, more holistic, ways.
    2. New paradigms are needed. Traditional well-being programs that focus solely on physical and mental health are inadequate for the workplace of tomorrow. A more comprehensive view of employees as persons is required – we must know what makes them truly flourish.
    3. We manage what we measure. A holistic understanding employee flourishing requires new measurements and tools. The Flourish AssessmentTM, developed by faculty at Harvard University in partnership with Flourishing Metrics LLC, is just such a tool.
    4. Problems are not solved in isolation. Developing workplace solutions and identifying programs that move the needle for employees and business are best done collaboratively. Thus, we are forming a research collective and network for companies to tackle this challenge.
    In addition to their participation in the Global Flourishing Research Collective, participating companies will enjoy these additional benefits including: The Flourish Assessment: Developed in conjunction with Harvard University, the Flourishing Metrics team provides an assessment link to each company so that they can measure and assess how well their people are flourishing. Executive Level Report: The Flourishing Metrics team will prepare a unique report for each company, provide an executive level briefing on the report and share areas of opportunity or celebration based on the Assessment results.

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