Widening the Candidate Pipeline in the Search for Talent

Talent Acquisition Executives recently gathered to discuss topics under the theme “Widening the Candidate Pipeline in the Search for Talent​.”  Conversations included, but weren’t limited to, “Internal Marketplace Practices at Syngenta” and “Five Key Findings from Executive Networks CHRO of the Future Research.” 

Here were some of the key takeaways from the event:

  • While the concept of skills-based pay has become a popular buzzword, no one seems to be able to define it and data to back it up is lacking. How do you define skills? How do you manage the constantly changing critical capabilities?
  • One member is experimenting with virtual reality for internal meetings to create a more inclusive environment as they allow people to work from home more permanently. With this technology, employees have an avatar that captures their body language and facial expressions.
  • When it comes to executive buyouts, you can learn a lot about a person during the negotiation process that will be very telling of how they will be in the role. When plans from a candidates’ previous company are vastly different, it helps to show them what it will look like over time and how they align.

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