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Our award-winning online learning academy, The Academy offers a collaborative approach to upskilling your entire HR and Learning team including video case studies of companies who are forward looking in how they approach preparing for the future of work.

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“73% of workers depend on their employer for support in preparing them for the future of work.”

Jeanne Meister

21 HR Jobs of the Future, HBR, August 12, 2020, Executive Networks


Upskill your entire HR and learning team.

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Introducing The Future Workplace Collaborative: A Multi-Company Consortium to Address A Business Imperative: Navigating Future of Work

We are launching The Future of Work Collaborative, an innovative way to share a common vision on what the future of work  means for your leaders. You are invited to be a part of a select group to develop and synthesize new thinking on the Future of Work. The goal of this effort is to craft a detailed course tailored to the needs and desires of your team by leveraging our decades of experience in HR and business leadership. You and your team will be a part of shaping the development of the Navigating the Future of Work online course. 

Our approach is based on primary research focused on the challenges, and opportunities, of leaders navigating the Future of Work. By contributing to the research and course development, you and your organization will not only receive early access to results of our collaboration, but also receive a three-year unlimited license to the course and all digital assets for usage available to your organization’s leadership.

Gartner identifies building critical skills and competencies as a top priority for HR leaders in 2022 and beyond, and the Future of Work capturing 42% of HR leaders as crucial for their organization (Gartner, Top Priorities for HR Leaders 2022).

Our Leaders

Meet the Leaders Driving This Unique Initiative

Mike Dulworth

Mike Dulworth

Founder and CEO, Executive Networks

Robert Danna

Robert Danna

Executive Chairman, Executive Networks and Former COO, Bersin & Associates

Jeanne Meister

Jeanne Meister

Executive Vice President, Executive Networks, Founder of Future Workplace

Jonathan Donner

Jonathan Donner

Founder, Jonathan Donner Consulting and Former CLO at Unilever

John Boudreau

John Boudreau

Co-author of Work Without Jobs, and Senior Research Scientist Professor Emeritus, USC

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Academy Testimonials

“Using AI4HR was a great opportunity to have a first contact with AI in all applications for HR and this gave me a high-level view on the topic. The best part was being able to visualize how to apply AI for HR through real world case studies and seeing what other people and other companies are already doing and the results they were experiencing in their organization. “.


“Using AI 4 HR opened my eyes and created for me a global vision for how artificial intelligence is being used across all areas of HR. I recommended our entire team of HR enroll in this course.”