Global Well-Being Innovation Network (GWIN)

Global 1000 company leaders focused on well-being join this peer-to-peer network with world-renowned Harvard researchers to help assess, explore ideas, and collaborate on practical flourishing initiatives for the workplace.

In partnership with Flourishing Metrics, LLC (the Human Flourishing Program from Harvard University, Executive Networks, and researchers Tyler J. VanderWeele, Ph.D., Matthew F. Wilson, Ph.D., and Todd W. Hall, Ph.D.) will introduce members of this network to the Global Employee Flourishing Research Initiative.

Network Director

Network Focus Areas

Employee Well-being

Learn how to better navigate rapidly changing dynamics of the workplace (especially within the context of COVID-19) to support employee well-being in new and more holistic ways.

Tangible Metrics

Lead your organization through an innovative tool to measure and assess how well your people are flourishing. Your organization will receive an executive level briefing on the report and share areas of opportunity or celebration based on the results.

Technology Tools

Through the Flerish Platform app, leverage your assessment insights to support your people managers and individuals with the content, coaching and mentorships they need for their personal learning journeys.

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