Leadership and Empathy

HR Executives came together during our 2022 Autumn ECLF Network Meeting. Participating member companies included ENI, Roca Group, ArcelorMittal, Daimler AG, Lufthansa, Bertelsmann AG, and Bayer.

Here are some of the key insights:

  • Authenticity needs to be at the center of empathy. When something is wrong, you must be straight forward. Always communicate using “and” rather than “but” to demonstrate that you understand what they are saying and want to add to it.
  • Leadership is not about grand things, but the mundane things we do. That is why it is important to be available, open, approachable. You must be curious about the people you are working with.
  • When working across global teams, it is important to have conversations and remember to ask and consider what they think. Trying to understand different cultures can help to tune yourself into that way of working.

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