We believe our world needs more empowered people with cutting-edge skills, helping to shape how humans engage with and benefit from emerging technologies. We also believe that more diverse representation and voices need to inform these tools from the earliest stages.

We are committed to the advancement and promotion of women in the world of technology. Every company and community will win when women have greater opportunities to shape our collective future.

We are proud to join the efforts of Executive Networks, ORG AI, and Women in Cloud in creating development and upskilling opportunities for women in our company and in our communities. We pledge to open doors, be mentors, share resources, and prioritize the development of at least one woman, so she can begin her journey as digital-ready future leader.

To support this pledge, we will:

  • sponsor at least one woman to attend the ORG AI Bootcamp to achieve foundational GenAI skills and certification; and
  • be ambassadors in advancing AI skills among our employees.

On March 12th, Gina Jeneroux and Marie Gill proudly hosted Chaitra Vedullapalli, founder and CEO of WOMEN IN CLOUD and expert in AI, as she shared her journey in tech and commitment to empowering women. Watch the webinar here.

Be sure to also check out the trailer for Chaitra’s newest film, ICONS, highlighting the achievements and journeys of women trailblazers in technology. ICONS is now screening at SXSW 2024. Check out the trailer here.