Future of Work: How to Thrive in an Everchanging Landscape

HR Leaders focused on the four-W’s (Work, Workers, Workforce, and Workplace) recently gathered to discuss topics under the theme “Future of Work: How to Thrive in an Everchanging Landscape.” We were welcomed by Wendy Taylor Wampler, Director, Leader and Organizational Effectiveness, Indeed, who lead an Innovation Spotlight on “Culture of Learning and Growing.” We were also joined by Todd W. Hall, Faculty Affiliate, Harvard Human Flourishing Program, who lead a stretch thinking session on “Attuned to Lead: Fostering Connection, Calm, and Coherence to Help Your Team Flourish.”

Some of the key takeaways included, but were not limited to:

  • There is not yet one universal skills taxonomy to map knowledge and experience. Even when you define all of the skills how do you measure them?  
  • Incentivizing learning and building it into performance is one way some are encouraging employees to gain new skills and minimize the gap. However, it can be a slippery slope as it removes the intrinsic motivation and curiosity that comes with learning.
  • Many expressed gaps in helping people managers to be successful and challenges around maintaining it as a priority. It is important to have a strategic reason to focus on middle managers in order to get funding and resources.  
  • Encouraging employees to come back to the office and how to communicate flexible work policies continues to be a challenge for HR leaders. Some companies are exploring the use of the metaverse as a platform to make hybrid meetings more inclusive when some are in the office and others are remote.

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