2024 Generative AI Report: L&D’s Breakthrough Moment

What’s Inside?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is top of mind with HR and organizational development leaders in every industry. At this breakthrough moment, much of the focus is on generative AI (GenAI). Unlike highly technical machine learning models, tools like ChatGPT have made AI accessible to professionals in every function. As a result, every role is changing and every function is being re-examined. Our research in late 2023 explored how HR and talent leaders are using GenAI at work, along with their perceptions about the future of the learning and development (L&D) function in this age of GenAI. We also surveyed knowledge workers to better understand their experiences and perspectives around GenAI and the impact these new tools are having on their job and their organization. We found most HR leaders and knowledge workers are positive on GenAI and many are using GenAI tools in a wide variety of applications. Our study also uncovered learning gaps that need to be closed and barriers that could slow adoption if not addressed.

About the Study:

This study surveyed 497 HR leaders and 504 knowledge workers in North America in November and December of 2023. 90% of participants were located in North America (75% U.S., 15% Canada), and the remaining 10% were located in countries around the globe. Survey participants were evenly distributed between large, mid-sized and small organizations, and they came from various industries.

Data Highlights:

  • Nearly 9 in 10 HR leaders at large organizations say they are using or experimenting with GenAI in HR. All say they will be in 12 months.
  • Only 35% of knowledge workers are confident about using GenAI in their job, with women less confident about using GenAI than men.
  • More than ½ of knowledge workers think training teams should use GenAI tools in learning experiences

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