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Today, every company has access to technology to help their business compete. But, understanding which technology and how it can be applied to talent acquisition? That’s become a key for competitive advantage. Staying on top of the latest trends and learning from the mistakes and successes of others can give you a leg up.

About the Network

Global Sourcing and Recruiting Network (GSRN) is an EN member community limited to only enterprise heads and senior-most executives in sourcing, recruiting, and talent acquisition from the world’s largest corporations.

GSRN provides members with a platform for new ideas, learning, best practices, collaboration, and feedback across all things sourcing and recruiting.

That’s what the EN Global Sourcing and Recruiting member community is all about: Learning and sharing with others in senior talent acquisition roles at the world’s largest corporations.

Uncovering the right tools, approaches and initiatives for our companies’ mutual success is how we roll.

Alone, we may struggle… But, together, we innovate!

Global Sourcing and Recruiting provides members with a platform for new ideas, learning, best practices, collaboration, and feedback across all things sourcing and recruiting.

Network Focus

Transition from outdated 20th Century sourcing and recruiting process and methodologies

Maximize return on investment associated with candidate value (i.e., quality, effectiveness, and retention)

Analyze megatrends that impact the future of work

Use social media and mobile effectively to attract talent

Attract and retain STEM talent

Increase diversity and inclusion

Dissolve the conundrum of reducing cost per hire while raising value of hire

Develop new recruiting and talent mobility strategies for emerging markets as more employers expand into developing nations

Match sourcing and recruiting process and methodology to changing demographics (e.g., baby boomer retirement, average length of employment, rise in contingent labor, increased workforce specialization, etc.) and new employee career management attitude, expectations, and behavior

Align sourcing and recruiting process performance metrics and analytics to make objective hiring decisions, and communicate quantified impact to objectives

Understand and develop technology systems and integrations to take advantage of the linkage between role specific business objectives, organizational/team makeup and the value of the sourcing and recruiting process and methodologies leveraged to fill the gaps

Exclusive leader events

Connect with real peers in the inclusive and vendor-free environment of a network that truly fits your needs. With ongoing in-person and virtual meetings and events, you’ll experience expert facilitation, member-driven discussion and interaction with a trusted executive network of vetted professionals. Gain actionable insights from high-quality community to tackle high-impact issues together and keep up with industry trends.

Community curation

Build a powerful external peer group through a real-time concierge service to map out your needs, find valuable contacts and share your expertise with peers. With the easy-to-use app ENgage, network members can connect with others, review meeting summaries and read informative content created by seasoned forum members and distinguished guests.

Invaluable insights

Uncover insights from an experienced community and on-demand content library to overcome challenges, approach change and improve your HR approach. Review blogs, research, member presentations and recommended resources; access groundbreaking next practice work; and follow trending topics with group discussions, webinars from key thought leaders and more.

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