Membership Benefits

As a member of our global community of networks, you’ll benefit from these resources and experiences designed to make your time and investment immediately impactful for you, your team and your organization.


Connection, Community, and Content – In Person and At Your Fingertips

Our True Peer Community provides members a safe-haven for meaningful connection. Each network benefits from practical discussion, critical feedback, outcome-driven brainstorming and stretch thinking about topics that impact you and your organization. All in a vendor-free, consultant-free, vetted peer group.

Virtual Events & Features

Network Director


Your dedicated guide has decades of experience leading HR-related topics and projects. Leveraging their experience, the Network Director’s lodestar is to help you navigate and extract value from your Executive Networks membership.

Ask a Peer


Direct access to your peers to get answers to your prioritized topics; responsive and timely, these insights can help provide a rich database of trusted information.


EN Virtual Roundtables and Webinars

Through the lens of Work, Worker, Workforce and Workplace, monthly/quarterly roundtables are driven by member priorities and network specific pressing issues.

Communities of Practice / Action Group for Teams

Topical and relevant, these smaller teams find practical solutions for common challenges via master classes and small group interaction.

In Person Events

Member Dinners

Group dinners include distinguished guests who facilitate discussion on relevant and insightful topics  that matter to you and your organization.

Semi-Annual Meetings

An opportunity to connect with peers and friends to deepen the network dialogue, exchange best practices, and discuss topics of interest that are pressing for members and their colleagues.

Learning Development

We Develop You, Your Team and Your Organization for the Future of Work. Curated collection of online up-skill courses for the future of work designed by and for HR and HRIS team members.

The Academy


Experiential online learning programs presented by the most influential HR and HRIS pioneers who share why and how they have transformed their role and business impact.

Global Community


Learners gain access to a global community of HR, HRIS, and Talent professionals sharing insights and work together in their specific network.

Online Coaches


Learners are guided through programs with trained online coaches and are challenged to apply what they learn in their organization while receiving feedback from both coaches and learners.

Curated Tools, Articles, Podcasts, and Video Case Studies

Showcasing senior HR and HRIS leaders with the business problems they are solving via robust microlearning resources, application exercises, and threaded discussion groups.

Industry Knowledge and Insights

Strategic Research & Partnerships

Gain a front-row seat to cutting-edge, relevant insights from the globe’s top researchers including university and private studies. Options include exclusive access to published materials, white papers, global surveys and input on questionnaire designs and much more.



Request specific inter-Member network or broad EN community research to help address your specific needs or questions.

Experts and Academics-in-Residence

Direct access to a wide range of academic researchers and practitioners who are experts in their fields.

If you are a senior HR leader for a Global 1000 company, learn more about your options and get help identifying the right network for you.