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All those creative ideas you have for building that amazing workplace for your talent? All those ways you want to help them get the most out of their abilities?
Imagine you could expand them… Imagine you could get feedback from true peers that also have creative ideas — and have executed on them successfully… Imagine how
this all could become reality with less friction… and faster than you could ever consider possible… So yes… If you’re in Talent Management, THIS is a membership in the EN Global Talent Innovation True Peer community. This is what’s possible.

About the Network

The Global Talent Innovation Network (GTIN) is a peer network for senior talent leaders from global companies that face complex talent management and leadership development challenges and seek advanced innovative solutions.

GTIN focuses on the future state of talent and leadership in organizations undergoing enormous change in response to global growth, disruptive innovation, and dynamic shifts in the evolving workplace and talent marketplace. We collectively challenge shared assumptions and identify new models, practices and frameworks to achieve higher levels of business performance.

GTIN brings distinguished thought leaders and network members together to explore talent and leadership strategies and practices that address shared business challenges. Through provocative exchange and sharing, network members explore emerging trends, innovations, and practical applications. Network discussions translate into new processes, tools, and resources that offer the best thinking on topics of particular interest.

It all happens with discussion, planned meetings, guided feedback, personalized research, one - to - one calls, and more.

Network Focus

Talent and leadership development

Performance management

Employee experience

Digital learning

Experiential learning

Connecting competence to skill

Identifying, aligning, and implementing the right technology

Future of work


Build organizational digital capability and designing organizations for digital success

Explore innovative approaches to executive, leadership and talent development

Address the buy, build or partner conundrum needed to support an organization’s growth strategy

Understanding the needs of the changing workforce and the impact on development and talent mobility

Exclusive leader events

Connect with real peers in the inclusive and vendor-free environment of a network that truly fits your needs. With ongoing in-person and virtual meetings and events, you’ll experience expert facilitation, member-driven discussion and interaction with a trusted executive network of vetted professionals. Gain actionable insights from high-quality community to tackle high-impact issues together and keep up with industry trends.

Community curation

Build a powerful external peer group through a real-time concierge service to map out your needs, find valuable contacts and share your expertise with peers. With the easy-to-use app ENgage, network members can connect with others, review meeting summaries and read informative content created by seasoned forum members and distinguished guests.

Invaluable insights

Uncover insights from an experienced community and on-demand content library to overcome challenges, approach change and improve your HR approach. Review blogs, research, member presentations and recommended resources; access groundbreaking next practice work; and follow trending topics with group discussions, webinars from key thought leaders and more.

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