Senior HR executives today face daunting challenges

24/7 connectivity

Complexity of managing global enterprises

Rapid competitor innovation

Nearly impossible time demands

Understanding what’s going on in the world around you and being on-the-spot knowledgeable about developments in your field—both competitively and academically—is essential for success in these roles.

While best practice information is helpful and widely available, the key to successful change typically hinges on understanding the how and the why of what other companies are doing in real time. This requires senior HR executives to be networked in the most efficient and effective way.

Network Fueled Insights

Executive Networks enables senior HR executives to network almost effortlessly with our unrivaled, global peer-to-peer platform.
Members have on-demand access to:

Collective Experience

totaling thousand of years, from over 300 members from the best companies in the world.


to the extended networks of those members linked to the “HR Expertise Cloud” that is evolving almost daily.

High-Tech, High-Touch Access Points

that suit your work style, time demands, and internal pressures.

Leveraging the Executive Networks Platform

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