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Join us as we launch an exciting research-focused network designed to help your organization flourish.

About the Network

Welcome to the Global Flourishing Research Network, where our peer-to-peer network joins with world-renowned Harvard researchers to help assess, guide and solve our biggest people challenges.

In partnership with Flourishing Metrics, LLC which is inclusive of the Human Flourishing Program from Harvard University, Executive Networks, and researchers Tyler J. VanderWeele, Ph.D., Matthew F. Wilson, Ph.D., and Todd W. Hall, Ph.D. will introduce members of this network to the Global Employee Flourishing Research Initiative.

The Global Flourishing Research Network is founded on these principles…

  1. Work is changing. We believe that the rapidly changing dynamics of the workplace, especially within the context of COVID-19, has exposed the need for companies to support employee well-being in new, more holistic, ways.
  2. New paradigms are needed. Traditional well-being programs that focus solely on physical and mental health are inadequate for the workplace of tomorrow. A more comprehensive view of employees as persons is required – we must know what makes them truly flourish.
  3. We manage what we measure. A holistic understanding employee flourishing requires new measurements and tools. The Flourish AssessmentTM, developed by faculty at Harvard University in partnership with Flourishing Metrics LLC, is just such a tool.
  4. Problems are not solved in isolation. Developing workplace solutions and identifying programs that move the needle for employees and business are best done collaboratively. Thus, we are forming a research collective and network for companies to tackle this challenge.

In addition to their participation in the Global Flourishing Research Network, participating companies will enjoy these additional benefits including:

The Flourish Assessment: Developed in conjunction with Harvard University, the Flourishing Metrics team provides an assessment link to each company so that they can measure and assess how well their people are flourishing.

Executive Level Report: The Flourishing Metrics team will prepare a unique report for each company, provide an executive level briefing on the report and share areas of opportunity or celebration based on the Assessment results.

Flerish Platform: All participating companies will have an opportunity to share the tools and insights geared for the individual via the YOU App. Flerish is an integrated ecosystem that enables individuals and organizations to grow and thrive. This unique platform leverages the insights you will have gained from the Flourish Assessment and support your people managers and individuals with the content, coaching and mentorships they need for their personal learning journeys.

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Organizations need help in flourishing. With the lines between work and home blurred, companies are seeking a new roadmap, better tools and more insights to help their people adjust. Getting deeper insights on risks, warning markers and insights on employee wellbeing could greatly benefit a company focused on staying relevant and productive.

Network Focus

Connect organizations and their leaders to participate in a global research project that provides normative data for the scientific community.

Empower those participating organizations to collaborate with each other and globally recognized Harvard researchers in exploring best practices, solutions, and innovations in helping their people thrive.

Help companies think more broadly about employee well-being, along each of the seven domains of human flourishing that are measured in the Flourish Assessment.

Member Benefits

Exclusive leader events

Connect with real peers in the inclusive and vendor-free environment of a network that truly fits your needs. With ongoing in-person and virtual meetings and events, you’ll experience expert facilitation, member-driven discussion and interaction with a trusted executive network of vetted professionals. Gain actionable insights from high-quality community to tackle high-impact issues together and keep up with industry trends.

Community curation

Build a powerful external peer group through a real-time concierge service to map out your needs, find valuable contacts and share your expertise with peers. With the easy-to-use app ENgage, network members can connect with others, review meeting summaries and read informative content created by seasoned forum members and distinguished guests.

Invaluable insights

Uncover insights from an experienced community and on-demand content library to overcome challenges, approach change and improve your HR approach. Review blogs, research, member presentations and recommended resources; access groundbreaking next practice work; and follow trending topics with group discussions, webinars from key thought leaders and more.

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