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There may be no lonelier person than the CHRO at a large enterprise.

Sure, it’s been said the loneliest person is the CEO, but the CEO gets the press, the accolades when things are going well, the recognition for better or for worse. But the CHRO? Who can you lean on? Your CEO? Not likely. Your team? Nope. You can’t be completely transparent with them about your challenges. So, yes. The CHRO at a Global 1000 company may be the loneliest person in business. It doesn’t have to be that way. The EN HR Roundtable Group (HRRG) is a haven for CHROs from the largest, most complex businesses in the world.

About the Network

HRRG has been a premier global CHRO Group for over 30 years. The group is limited to the most senior HR executives from global corporations, diversified by business and geography.

Members are selected on the basis of their reputation and standing among top HR executives, as well as their capacity for contributing to the dialogue regarding strategic issues. HRRG is a true peer group (no substitutions are permitted).

The focus of the group content is member-driven, in order to maximize relevance and value for all participants. HRRG provides a trusted and confidential forum for qualified CHRO’s to explore strategies that address shared business goals and initiatives.

HR Roundtable Group gives its members a place to connect, learn from, and share with an exclusive group: Chief Human Resources Officers...only from the world’s largest, most complex corporations.

Network Focus

Bringing the CHROs of the world's largest organizations together to learn from one another, challenge each other and elevate the strategic impact of HR on their business.

Meetings are held at the headquarters or other facilities of member companies on a rotating basis. One meeting will be held in North America and other elsewhere in the world.

The discussions are of strategic nature and are informal and confidential. The members are actively contributing in the roundtable discussions and a deep dialogue is facilitated. Content is based on current interests and challenges by member companies.

Desired attendance at meetings is around 25 members ensuring adequate opportunity for individual participation.

Meeting dates and topics are selected by members, with the dates scheduled two years in advance.

The meetings can include guest speakers who are recognized as leading authorities on one of the agenda topics.

Member Benefits

Exclusive leader events

Connect with real peers in the inclusive and vendor-free environment of a network that truly fits your needs. With ongoing in-person and virtual meetings and events, you’ll experience expert facilitation, member-driven discussion and interaction with a trusted executive network of vetted professionals. Gain actionable insights from high-quality community to tackle high-impact issues together and keep up with industry trends.

Community curation

Build a powerful external peer group through a real-time concierge service to map out your needs, find valuable contacts and share your expertise with peers. With the easy-to-use app ENgage, network members can connect with others, review meeting summaries and read informative content created by seasoned forum members and distinguished guests.

Invaluable insights

Uncover insights from an experienced community and on-demand content library to overcome challenges, approach change and improve your HR approach. Review blogs, research, member presentations and recommended resources; access groundbreaking next practice work; and follow trending topics with group discussions, webinars from key thought leaders and more.

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